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11 UX Blogs To Include In Your UX Reading List

Updated: May 13, 2020

UX is a quick moving space. The field moves rapidly as ease of use, availability, association, and visual design keeps on advancing.

We use a combination of blogs from influential UX people, companies and groups to stay up to date on all the latest trends and updates. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite UX blogs in the industry.

Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments area at the bottom of this post.

UX Magazine:


UX Magazine is a blog with User Experience (UX) publications and a free community resource, discussing the latest trends in designs and exploring UX strategies.

UX designers can find a full-fledged trade magazine. they work closely with industry leaders and practitioners in all areas of UX.

You will find UX Magazine in every UX designer’s reading list. For UX designers this blog has a variety of content in all areas at any level. They provide engaging and useful content. Here you will find everything on “how to” posts.

This blog also creates community listings based on locations for conferences, informal meetups, and classes.

Smashing Magazine:


We love Smashing Magazine. This blog is amazing especially its UX design category. They post quality articles on UX designs which are extremely in-depth.

For anyone in a technology industry, this is a classic resource. Their experts and professionals share their practical tips, valuable ideas and insights on UX design topic through their articles.

They write User Experience articles for web, mobile, applications and softwares. Their articles always have something new even for the most experienced UX designer.

UX Movement:


UX Movement is a blog for UX that aims to show “how good and bad interface design practices affect user behavior”.

Because of its niche specificity, this is a good blog to include in your list. Their centered blog for user experience is focused on the user interface (UI) and how it affects user behaviors.

All of their articles are based on reasoning, experience, and research. They believe that a clear, fast and user-friendly interface is the greatest user experience. Detailed concepts are presented via visual examples.

Boxes And Arrows:


Boxes and Arrows are concerned to the practice, innovation, and discussion of designs including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture and the design of business.

Boxes and Arrows blog focus on quality over quantity. They have a goal of improving the design information of architecture. They don’t often post like other blogs but their articles are extremely in-depth and well researched.

They also allow their readers to contribute their own articles.

UX Booth:


UX Booth is another blog for UX Designers. It is an extremely high-quality blog. Quality is the key concern here.

Their authors bring deep insights and unique perspectives to provoking arguments. Their articles are lengthy but well-researched.

The content they published is for beginners to intermediate UI and UX Designers. They publish on every Tuesday.

Usability Geek:


Usability Geek is a blog where you will find comprehensive content. The content they publish advice on UX, UI design, e-commerce, business, and conversion.

They launch their new posts on every Monday and Wednesday. So make sure to add them to your daily routine.



Usabilla is a dutch company which aims to publish articles on user engagement, designs, and UX. it focuses on UX and user feedback.

The Usabilla blog is one of the best blogs to follow for UX Designers. Their articles are always interesting and insightful. It is a great blog for digital marketing and UX.

UX Myths:


UX Myth is one of the absolutely amazing blogs for UX Designers. It collects research data on User Experience misconceptions from well-known designers and experts. They explain why all the misconceptions don’t hold true.

This is a great site to bookmark with their meaningful content and resources for both UX Designers and stakeholders.



Designmodo is a perfect resource for both beginners and expert UX designers. It will help to improve and expand your knowledge.

It covers the aesthetic, business and physiological factors of UX. it is focused on both development and web design. It makes it so easy to learn by tutorials and inspirational contents.

Nielsen norman group:


The Nielsen Norman Group is the trusted and long-running authority in all UX things. Their articles are based upon deep research and they provide examples to illustrate arguments.

They conduct extremely deep research then evaluates user interfaces and reports final result. They report real findings not just what is popular and expected.

Their blog will help you create better experiences. You can also subscribe to their weekly fix “Alertbox newsletter”.

Luke W:


Luke Wroblewski is a leader and expert in the mobile design industry. He is the author of three famous books (Mobile First, A Visual Approach to Web Usability and Web Form Design & Sightseeing). Currently he is a product director at google.

Luke’s blog includes huge collection of “how to” videos of User Experience, general UX articles and conference notes. He usually has at least one conference note a month.

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