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5 Top Payment Gateways for MarketPlace Startups

Updated: May 14, 2020

Marketplaces have their unique challenge of paying to 100’s and 1000’s of their vendors. It is very difficult for a marketplace startup to build an entire system for paying their vendors as well as managing things like securing the system, paying the vendors after cutting their share, integrating multiple payment gateways and also managing payment to different bank accounts of vendors.

Payment gateways like PayPal, authorize.net were good and did the job. However, there are many companies now that allow us to handle payments for marketplaces. They provide the marketplace startups with an easy way to manage all the challenges of marketplaces like paying to vendors, integrating all the different payment gateways, etc.

As part of this article, I will be reviewing some of these payment gateways or companies that provide these services for marketplaces so you can choose the best among them for your marketplace startup.


Braintree was founded in 2007. In BrainTree’s marketplace, you can configure with their banking partners to hold the payment till you want to split the payments. At splitting, the providers will get their fee, and you will receive your fee. It charges 2.9% + 0.3$ per transaction.They are providing some specialized services in mobile apps and websites.

It is the easiest way to accept payments online.


Braintree is offering exciting new features and products like your own choice of integration. Integrate the way you want, either it is Drop-in or Custom-UI. In Drop-in you will find a simple, easy, quick and an already programmed interface for your online payments. While in Custom-UI you will customize your interface the way you want, which provides you more secure credit card processing.

Braintree also protects your data as they have the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. They also have advanced fraud detection system which safeguards you from any threats.

It is convenient, consistent and innovative in a sense that you can migrate whenever you want to. You can take all of our confidential data with yourself, as your data truly belongs to you. It is flexible, can accept over 130 currencies. It also offers features like recurring billing, robust reporting and split payments.

The only drawback BrainTree is that it does not support escrow funds for a marketplace.

Companies Using Braintree

Payment Methods

Accept Cards


WePay is another online payment platform founded in 2008. They are providing a platform where sellers provide their services and buyers get and pay for it via their own WePay accounts. It offers a payment API for business platforms like marketplace and crowdfunding. WePay provides integrated payments from within their application along with trust and safety.


WePay is simple and fast. You can accept payments within minutes. It charges 2.9% + 0.3$ per transaction But unlike BrainTree, their services are not available globally only available for US citizens. It accepts only one currency.

Besides the one major drawback, it does have some similar features of BrainTree like recurring billing, Risk Management System, fraud detection as they are at the highest level of PCI, Funds Settlement, and OnBoarding Merchants. They use modern development tools and provide mobile card reader program

It offers Customizable risk management system and Custom UX where you can control what the interaction looks and feels. WePay’s unique feature is its level-reporting transaction. It tells you that how money is moving through your platform.

Companies Using Wepay

Payment Methods

Accept Cards


Stripe is an another tech company founded in 2011. Stripe provides technical infrastructure to operate online payment system. It facilitates both private persons and business to accept online payments.

Stripe Connect is a marketplace and crowdfunding platform. It is helpful if you are building an application or need to pay third parties. With Stripe Connect users can easily access their accounts and data.


Stripe is built for developers with its robust and clean APIs. They provide a powerful toolkit for interfaces and abstractions. Stripe is perfectly scaled with engineering, finance, operation and support experts.

Stripe offers seamless security, compliance with PCI. It has a two-factor authentication and fraud detection systems that add an extra layer of security to their services.

Stripe using ‘strip.js’ library which helps you to maintain your own payment form.

Stripe accepts currencies from over 139 countries, and it automatically converts foreign currency into your account currency and charges 2.9% + 0.3$ per transaction regardless of any monthly fee.

Stripe also has a quick setup, easy testing and recurring billing features.

The only drawback stripe has is that its services are not available for developers from outside the US. Although, sellers can accept cards from outside the US.

Companies Using Stripe

Payment Methods

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Dwolla is e-commerce marketplace company that presents a payment gateway for mobile applications and e-commerce sites. Dwolla offers ACH marketplace payouts. To manage buyers and sellers it is hard, but Dwolla’s feature-rich API makes it quite easy.

It adds a part to automation and faster processing.


Dwolla offers some impressive benefits like one can transfer funds or payment from social sites, phone, bank accounts and from emails.

Like stripe they provide developers friendly APIs named as white label API. Four endpoints make it so easy for developers to integrate.

Dwolla provides infrastructures for risk management and fraud detection systems certified with PCI level 1. It’s another thrilling feature MassPay is the detailed downloadable reports; that helps in tracking of payments.

Dwolla offers faster, safe and easy transfer of payments. Like WePay, it accepts only one currency, and there is no transaction fee in Dwolla.

Companies Using Dwolla

Payment Methods

Accept Cards

2 Checkout

2Checkout is an electronic marketplace payment service which is founded back in 2000. It offers a 2CO marketplace, a perfect solution for individuals who want to grow their online business, with the features like access to direct marketing campaigns, built-in search engine optimisation (SEO), and social commerce integrations.


It is the mixture of merchant accounts and payment gateways. It facilitates shopping carts, recurring billing and international payments.

It has multiple payment methods, flexible integration, and mobile optimisation.

2Checkout accepts 87 currencies and charges 2.9%+ 0.3$ per transaction in US. Its transaction rates may vary. 2checkout offers an advanced fraud protection that contains 3-tier defence strategy.

Companies Using 2checkout

Payment Methods

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Comparison Chart

Comparison of 5 top payment gateways for marketplace startups is given below. Verify the information from their official sites because it can be changed quickly.

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