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3 biggest mistakes in adopting Agile

Updated: May 13, 2020

Agile methodologies can save time, increase business, and create a high quality product, but it’s not a silver bullet. Agile will not bend space or time and allow you to deliver more work that is possible within the constraints of limited time, budget, and resources.

The biggest problem moving to agile is the not adopting the mindset of agile. Just reading and adopting is not going to work, and this is the reason why companies make mistakes in adopting agile.

For instance, a company/startup is using Scrum for software development and they are not using automation. Due to this, they are not able to be productive and start blaming at Scrum. It is similar to driving a sports car on bumpy track and at the end you blame car of his speed.

Let’s look at the common mistakes of which companies make while adopting agile.

Mistake #1 Agile is just a Methodology

Agile is not just a software development methodology, but it is actually change on mentality. It is change of organisation’s culture and this one of the most important and difficult things to do.

This is also one of the reasons that make agile adoption, challenging in big organizations with different hierarchy levels. If a specific team is agile and the hierarchies above don’t have the agile mindset, it’s not going to work.

A specific example is that managers take the role of scrum masters and they don’t become team coaches. Or the management team uses the scrum master to get more and more work done in a single team.

So unless the mindset is right, the team won’t be truly agile and all the failures will be blamed on the agile methodologies

Mistake #2 Let’s become completely agile from tomorrow

An executive reads an article about the benefits of agile or attends a session from a trainer. He directs his teams to become agile right away and adopt all agile practices right away.

It is going to be a disaster, trust me you are soon in a position when you don’t know what to do. So always take baby steps, apply agile processes slowly. Make a proper plan by first understanding mentality of your people, making then release the importance and benefits of agility.

Mistake #3 Scrum Masters are not coaching

Scrum master for me, is the backbone of Scrum process, he is one who understands and masters the scrum principles, but much more is required for agile transformation.

Normally, a scrum master is the Guru of Scrum but for adopting agile we need him to coach the teams. He needs to coach the teams on self organizing, self accountability, agile mindset, store point estimation and so on.

Teams where scrum master just expects everyone to adopt scrum themselves without coaching their team member are much likely to fail.


Adopting the mindset of agile is at the heart of making agile work in your organization. Coaching team on right practices of agile and slowly adopting it are key to making agile work in any organization.

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