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Agility Headless CMS | An Ultimate Guide

The CMSes have gained so much popularity due to their easy-to-use functionality. It makes it easier to update and maintain a site. It allows you to add additional functionality to the site by using templates and plugins. It allows multiple people to get access to the site and makes collaboration easier.

It gives you full control over the content. It enables you to keep the site organized. The CMSes come with easy maintenance and extendable functionality. It offers a library of plugins. It comes with great tools to create, edit and publish content.

Points Of Discussion

Agility CMS | A Quick Brief

Core Features

The Architecture of Agility CMS

Features of Agility CMS

Agility CMS Content Feature

Agility CMS Design

Platforms of Agility CMS

Working On An Agility CMS

Advantages of Agility CMS

Core Benefits Of Agility CMS

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Agility CMS | A Quick Brief

Agility is a headless CMS that offers a faster prototype to build a site. It’s a cloud-based API-driven platform. It makes things faster and supports customer needs. It helps editors and content creators to generate effective content.

Agility CMS allows them to create, manage and publish content to any site or application. It allows the developers to use any language or framework to deliver content. It offers editor-friendly tools for the management of the website.

Core Features

It allows enterprises to build customer-centric experiences easily. It offers great speed and performance. It has unique content components and page management support which enables content creators to generate better customer experiences. It offers better performance and speed than any other content management system. It is truly headless and an API-first platform.

It offers highly flexible features. The core features that an agility CMS comes with include:

• Content previewing

• Content scheduling

• Page Management

• Sitemap Management

• SEO Fields

It is one of the fastest CMS on the market. Customers are getting benefits by using Agility CMS. It uses a REST API to interact with the content and then sends it across various digital devices. It offers high security and support to enterprises. It does not require any maintenance. It’s a JAMstack-focused system.

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The Architecture of Agility CMS

  • Agility is a headless CMS that allows developers to build the system according to their business requirements.

  • It comes with APIS and uses REST API and sync SDK to interact with the content.

  • It offers you to code according to your requirements. It requires a starter template for development.

  • It enables you to create a server-rendered website.

  • It allows you to create a single-page Application easily.

  • It allows you to generate static sites without any hassle.

  • It’s a serveries system that does not require any maintenance and backups.

Features of Agility CMS

The features of an agility CMS are divided into three sub-categories such as:

  • Content

  • Design

  • Platform

Agility CMS Content Feature

Content Authoring

This feature makes content drafting and publishing spontaneous and non-technical.

Rich Text Editor

It offers a rich text editor which makes the content formatting seamless.


It keeps the track of each piece of content. Whenever the change happens in any content it saves the previous version of that content.


It allows the plugins to easily cooperate on the page.

Approval Process

This feature can easily create approval between the editors and authors.

Content Scheduling

It keeps the content running process smoother and easily schedules content at a specific time. It schedules the content in a certain order.

Asset Management

An agility feature enables you to store and manage rich media files.

Internal Search

It has internal search features which make you search any content through keywords, tags and metadata, etc.

Content Repository

It has a content repository that keeps all the content in it. It keeps published and unpublished content in its repository.

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Agility CMS Design

The design of an Agility CMS is a combination of sub features that includes:

Pre-Built Templates

It has a wide breadth of pre-built templates which makes the selection of design easier. It also offers purchasable attractive templates. In this way, you can get the design according to your web page needs.


It offers operative mobile templates which can be easily customizable.


It has various design elements which combine web pages for an intelligible online presence.


It has a customization facility which makes the visual appearance of a website attractive.

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Platforms of Agility CMS

User Community

An agility CMS has an enormous and cooperative community for users.


It comes with SEO features that help you to make effective meta tags, titles and URL structures.

Navigation Structures

It allows you to build various taxonomies for the storage and indexation of content.

Access Management

It offers you access to the selection of data, objects, and features centered on the users, role, and groups.


It has advanced features which allows scaling for big organizations.


An agility CMS has an internationalization feature that enables the users to interact with the content in various languages.

Dashboard and Reports

It has default custom reports and dashboards.


It comes with an application programming interface which makes possible the integration of data with software applications.

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Working On An Agility CMS

An Agility CMS is used to build content structure according to the business needs. It allows you to create a content model for an article. It uses appropriate fields for the entry of content. It offers you to create different content types easily. It starts working with the content structure so you need to create a content structure first. Being a headless CMS it enables you to control your content. The content and its presentation are entirely decoupled.

Its architecture allows the developers to build a website and pulls the content from the CMS. It reduces the development process as it does not need styling and HTML markups. It just requires the fields to fill up. Once the content is filled into the fields it will automatically display on the site. The content is filled in the appropriate place with suitable styles. The automatic filling makes it easier to manage the content.

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Content Area

The content area in the agility CMS helps in the management of structured content. This section requires drafting, formatting, and publishing of content. It also keeps track of each version of the content. You can select content modules for the site. Get an approval process from authors and editors.

An agility CMS schedules the content at a certain time in a specific order. Its content repository managed the content, edited and stored it accordingly. It helps you to access the items and add them to your site.

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Page Area

The page area in the agility CMS manages all your pages for the website or application. It allows you to create page structures which helps you to create URLs of pages. It has page modules that determine what content you want to appear on the page. The process of adding content to a page is as simple as a page module. Then fill in the fields within them.

Assets Area

The asset area in the Agility CMS manages the images, pdf, word documents, and videos. You need to upload the assets from your computer. Then organize them into folders to keep them organized.

Previewing Area

The preview button in the agility CMS allows you to preview the content and see how it will look on a page. It will launch a new browser tab and render the site. It helps to get a preview of the changes before publishing.

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Advantages of Agility CMS

  • The agility CMS comes with the best Digital Content Management tools.

  • It offers a fast and flexible environment for developers.

  • It offers powerful authoring tools for marketers.

  • It’s an API-based CMS that requires API to make the content visible to any digital device.

  • It is a headless CMS and comes with easy integrations.

  • It offers Omni channel publishing.

  • It enables enterprises to build digital experiences with ease.

  • It’s a cloud-based open source platform.

Core Benefits Of Agility CMS

Faster and Flexible

The agility CMS offers better performance and is highly flexible. It offers the developers the flexibility to use any programming language for development. The content items can be reused and combined with various presentation outputs. It makes the completion of the project. It offers easy and secure integrations.

Omni Channel Architecture

Being a headless, agility CMS supports an Omni channel architecture. It allows you to manage various channels. It has a seamless architecture that spans various channels.

Time Efficiency

The Agility CMS will never allow you to rebuild the site from scratch. Once the content is published it can be accessible by calling APIs. It saves a lot of time.

Content Reusable

The Agility CMS allows you to reuse the content which is stored in the content repository. It keeps track of every version of the content. You can access any version of the content easily.

Pre-Built templates

The agility CMS offers a wide range of free and paid pre-built templates. The series of templates allows you to create an attractive site or a web page.

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Final Words

The use of agility headless CMS has increased due to its fast and flexible architecture. It saves developers' efforts and offers easy integrations for development. The Agility CMS offers various tools for marketers and developers. It makes the creation of content seamless as content is created once and can be published everywhere. It is suitable for small and mid-sized enterprises.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Has The Use Of Agility CMS Has Increased?

The use of agility CMS has increased as it is a cloud-based and API-driven platform. It is built for developers to make the content management process easier and hassle-free.

What Are The Core Characteristics Of Agility CMS?

The core characteristics of an agility CMS are its flexibility, speed, and strength. It offers fast speed and makes the website available for users at any time.

Why Do We Use An Agility CMS?

An agility CMS is a scalable cloud-based content management platform that is used to create, build and manage responsive websites and applications. It offers a multichannel content publishing facility.

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