AngularJS vs React

Updated: Aug 2

Angular is the JavaScript front-end or client-side framework, and, React is the JS front-end or client-side library build on JavaScript. The comparison between these two is like comparing oranges and apples because one is a framework and another a library.

However, they can be used together or in alternate of each other, so it’s important to understand the differences between these two.



AngularJS is powered by Google. It was first released on October 20, 2010, and stable release was on March 18, 2016. AngularJS is considered as an enhanced HTML for making web application. It is an MVC or MVVM based framework ideally for making single-page applications. It also provides you two-way data binding for adding interactivity in your code, providing you a modular approach of doing it.


React is powered by Facebook and Instagram. It was first released on March, 2013, and it’s stable version was released on April 8, 2016. React is considered as a most-popular web-view framework in JavaScript. It provides the V (View) from MVC with high performance, reliability and reusability. It has a concept of virtual DOM. It is perfectly suitable for the large-data app and dynamic content.

Quick Facts


Is React killing Angular?

There is a buzz in the tech world that React is killing Angular day by day. Let’s look at what’s really happening.

The main reason of React success is its high growth-rate and popularity. Now developers prefer small and focussed library tied together instead of a huge monolithic framework, which is very hard to maintain. It is upto the user, how he codes and opts a library or a framework.

On the other side, the scope of React is very limited as compared with Angular. Both of them are no-way competitors because Angular provides you wider ground for making a production ready applications. For this, Angular has its own ng-react directive i.e., so we can leverage React within AngularJS code.

Angular 2.0 is launching in coming month is considered as a new web future. The new angular release is now coming with advanced updates is continuously changing the direction of web framework.

Strengths of AngularJS

  1. Built-in extensibility and testability.

  2. It provides you better approach of doing things.

  3. Its two-way data binding makes it interactive.

  4. It fulfills all the shortcomings that are encountered in HTML code.

  5. Angular address the problem that HTML was not designed for dynamic views.

  6. Adding controls i.e., data-binding, controller, and plain javascript make Angular extensible.

  7. Angular provides you services and routing to make a responsive single-page application.

Weaknesses of AngularJS

  1. It causes performance issues while rendering or updating large block of data.

  2. It has complex data-structures.

  3. Slow as compared to React.

  4. Google is not using Angular in its own projects.

Strengths of React

  1. It provides you a better toolkit and server-side rendering especially for high-level traffic.

  2. Server side rendering makes it really fast

  3. Very smooth learning curve.

  4. React Native launched in 2015 , enables you to build world-class , web interactive native look and feel.

  5. React is a performance-minded ‘View’ rendered approach.

Weaknesses of React

  1. It is not a full framework, it only focusses the UI part of the code, leaving behind all other components.

  2. Like Angular, React doesn’t provide you modular management libraries or routers.

  3. The way React Native fixes bugs is not good still, you have to wait for FB to do it or fix it yourself if you can.

  4. The most annoying part of React is “Flux”, which is more confusing than React.

Startups using AngularJS

Currently, around 411,705 live sites are using Angular


Startups using React

5,319 live sites are using React



If you want to build an app with powerful UI, then React would be a better choice for you, and if you really want to build a complex web front-end and need a single modular framework to handle everything, then AngularJS will be an ideal option for you.

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