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App Development Process: Check out this comprehensive guide to know everything about the App development process at Vizteck Solutions.




April 11, 2014


Mah Noor



Although mobile app development is a complicated process and without proper planning it may become a daunting task. To make the process easier we have broken the process into several parts so that everybody including our non-technical clients can understand how teams at Vizteck work to develop successful apps.


Concept Development Phase

Behind any successful app, there is a certain amount of time devoted to the idea. We believe that the app you are developing is vital for the success of your organization. Our specialist developers and creative team collaborate to discuss the solutions that it intends to solve. Initially, our focus is to understand the customer's requirements and stick to the basic questions regarding the app's intended users.

Development Phase Concept

Here are some questions we work on initially: 

  • What type of solution is your app trying to provide? 
  • Who are the target users? 
  • What purpose does the app trying to fulfill?

We know the importance of client interaction before the project has taken off. That’s why we thoroughly understand the need to fulfill and go beyond clients' expectations.


Design and Analysis Phase

After the concept has been discussed we then develop a project plan. The project plan enlists all the resources that would be required in the future against a timeline of targets that would be met to complete the project in the defined time frame. Different artifacts are made to supplement the project with better execution, those artifacts are not direct deliverables. We develop design documents, software requirements documents, and database designs.

Wireframing is one of the important tools that our team uses to set the foundation of a successful application. After completing the Wire-frame, we have a good idea about how the application is going to run on user screens. As soon as Wire-frame is finalized our designers in collaboration with the technical team build attractive interfaces.

The UI design and engagement in-app concept are critical factors to the success. We know from our experience that a good user interface (UI) is a must to engage and invoke user interest in your app. We always try to build app design keeping the user in mind. Based on our discussion with clients, it’s very important to translate the concept into the design as discussed by the clients in the concept development phase. Our design team put great emphasis on this phase and use different tools and technologies to make the design exciting and compelling.

Project Design and Analysis

Development Phase

After completing the design phase our team moves to the development phase. This process is iterative and coding works side by side with testing so that bugs are identified and worked on right away. We regularly conduct cross-team meetings of designers and developers to conduct regular reviews of the project.

Once the application is finalized its goes through strict testing to check all the components are working properly and all the bugs are fixed.


User Acceptance Testing and Deployment Phase

The client always specifies a feature that needs to be implemented in a specific way. When the feature is complete, it needs to be tested. The testing team should be someone else other than the developers. This is beneficial because the developer knows how the feature works and won’t test it thoroughly. 

Someone who hasn’t worked on the project is a better candidate for this role as he’ll test it from many different angles. This step is called User Acceptance Testing and is the final step of product development. Once the testing is complete, the product is ready for deployment.

image 3.pngWhen the testing team ensures that everything is working fine, the product needs to be deployed. Once it is deployed, it is ready for handover to the client. That is why User Acceptance Testing is very important. A product shipped to the client with bugs will be an embarrassment for the developing team. 


Post-Deployment Services Phase

Vizteck works as a partner which is why we provide you with necessary upgrades and maintenance services. We at Vizteck believe in converting your ideas into compelling apps and games and work beside you to make you successful.

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