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Google Analytics VS Mixpanel

Updated: May 12, 2020

The major difference between Google Analytics and Mixpanel is that instead of tracking pages and associating activities with it, mixpanel tracks people and associated activities with it.


Google Analytics shows you page by page data about the site. It can track the traffic you are getting at any given point in time. Where the traffic is coming from and people are hitting which pages most frequently.

google analytics

Instant and Real-Time Data Analysis:

Mixpanel in that case, is ideal for tracking events in real-time. It is a tool that is focused on visitor level-event engagement. It is more indicative of people actually using your product.


Retroactive Funnel Analysis:

Google Analytics supports measuring funnels, which it call Goals. That is less accurate. It enforces customers to specify their funnel’s steps in advance. Mixpanel can also measure funnels. You can build your funnels and can analyze your data that how users are going through it.


Comprehensive Retention Analysis:

Mixpanel’s retention analysis helps you to see which of your feature is being used over and over again at different time periods. It allows you to measure the frequency that they use your product. Google Analytics does not do this.

Retention analysis

Segmentation and Reporting:

Mixpanel makes it easy with basic segmentation. In Mixpanel you can click an event, set some associated condition or property and can instantly get a result in form of graph. Google Analytics reports require some more steps to do that.


Google Analytics reports tend to slow by an hour while Mixpanel provides instant and real-time data analysis.

google analytic reports

Code Integration:

If you use Google Analytics to measure your traffic, it’s setup is so simple to integrate. Just include some javascript code and never worry about it again. While Mixpanel has a difficult setup process, especially when you are not familiar with the metrics tools.


Google Analytics has two pricing levels. If your site is generating 10 Million or fewer hits per month then Google Analytics is free, but if your monthly hits are more than 10 Million then you need to get Google Analytics premium.

In Mixpanel you need to set some data points like for 25,000 data points Mixpanel is free. With increasing data points price also increases.


Customer Support:

Mixpanel provides high-quality customer support for both free and paid users if they encounter any bug or don’t understand a report. Google Analytics does not provide that support.

Data Accuracy:

Google Analytics keeps track of users via cookie (average time 30 days). Mixpanel can use a user_id or any other id that will last longer than a cookie.

Mobile A/B Testing:

Google Analytics does not provide mobile A/B testing. While, Mixpanel provides mobile A/B testing which is easy for the developer and non-technical person.

Your Data Is Your Data:

Unlike Google Analytics, Mixpanel will never use a customer’s data for advertising or any other purpose.

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