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Low budget iPhone Android App Marketing

Updated: May 13, 2020

After launching piffle connect, we wanted to try out a different ad networks and see how many downloads they could get. With some research online, it was evident that a budget like $100 or $200 may get you a lot of views like 30,000+ but won’t get you many downloads (max 200 in some cases). Mostly companies that were successful spent something like $7000 every day e.g. an app casestudy for admob i read spent like $15000 over two days to get somewhere like 100,000 clicks. Thats incredibly low CTR but it earned them spot in top 18 on app store which in turn doesn’t need much advertisement afterwards because usually that gives you a lot of visibility in the app store.

It was evident that this strategy works perfect but the budget was something that i knew would not work for our products or any of our partners. Honestly, thats budget for most of the app developers just to get a basic app done. We knew $100, $200 or even $1000 spending wouldn’t be enough as far as ad networks are concerned. We decided to look for alternatives in $100, $200 budgets and i will go through some of the ideas that we tried and are looking to try.

1) Give the money directly to the users. Contests

Sounds interesting? Well the idea is good but how to implement it.. The solution is simple and has been used by companies for decades.. Contests. If you have an applications like games that have leader boards or that can have contests like best photo, top player, top scorers. You can announce rewards for the top 10, 20 , 30 users depending on your budget. We have tried this concept recently with ibeatthat which is a competition app for sports lovers. We will be giving out $25 for top 5 users who gets 500 votes on their videos. This translates into $0.05 per download for each user who votes on the video which is a pretty good rate. Imagine doing this for the company that has $15000 budget. The app is going to launch a day after i am writing this post so i will post the results later but i believe its much better then spending it on ad networks that might get you nowhere after $125.

2) Spend on paying to people for posts who have good following on twitter, instagram and Facebook Its good to have friends who have 20k, 30k followers on their twitter, instragram or facebook pages. Most of us don’t have that but the good news is that there are many people who have this dedicated fan following and would do a post for you in $10-20 per post (including repeated posts per day). The benefit of this over ad network is that even they are charging you $30 per day, a post on twitter, facebook, instagram would be there on their profile always and the ad on ad networks would just disappear after depleting your account. We tried this with piffle connect for spinisland and got 10 times increase in downloads. I have posted about this here.

3) Spend on getting paid reviews its the same as 2) but the difference is that many of these paid reviews sites have a big network with podcasts, youtube accounts with millions of viewers, good ranked websites on google and a good fan following on twitter. They might do a nice video review of your app as well for something as low as $30. Thats all for now.. I will be keep posting information on results of different marketing activities performed and their results.

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