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Power your Google Apps with Google Search inside your App

Updated: May 12, 2020

Google announced a new way of searching content inside your Android Apps, with the help of their new amazing protocol called “App Indexing”.

With the “App Indexing” Google’s mobile OS is much smarter that makes it easier to find content (like messages, notes, music, contacts, videos etc) from installed apps inside your mobile.

App Indexing

For Example, if you want to find an email from one of your friends, you can search their name and can scroll in the Google search through the results. You don’t need to open Gmail. This feature is presently rolling to android users.

Google searches take place on remote servers but “App Indexing” search take place completely on your phone. That means your personal data is not sent to any Google server. The most amazing part is that you can also perform Google App searches when you are not online.

You can also configure it with your own choice by going to Google settings like which Google App will appear and toggling apps on and off. And also visit here if You Need To Know About Google I/O.

Here are few examples of how “App Indexing” will be working:

Find your messages and contacts: Find your friend you want to follow up with easily. Simply type his/her name or name of the new places you and your friend were talking about last month. Just search for the place and find your message.

Listen: Listen to your favourite song or watch your favourite video for the 10th time in one place.

Stay organized: Stay organized with your notes and tasks.

Google “App Indexing” feature works with Youtube, Spotify, and Gmail but Google is adding more apps to it like Facebook Messenger, Evernote, LinkedIn, Todoist, Glide etc.

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