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Six Upcoming Technological Innovations

Updated: May 13, 2020

It is hard to predict how technology will shape up in the years to comes, but market research firms have predicted that market for all the wearable technology will be doubled to 18.8 billion in 2016. Isn’t this amazing?

The future of mobile apps will be very different from what we currently see. From what it looks like, technology and application are going to be merged to provide innovative experience to the user. IDC reported on June 28, 2011 that app downloads are projected to grow from 10.7 billion to more than 182 billion in 2015. Reports also mention that the use of mobile advertising in also increasing around 20-30% per annum in more developed countries around the globe. The trend clearly outlines the importance of mobile marketing as a new emerging channel for marketing.

Augmented Reality Apps

Yes, you guessed it right. Augmented reality has been present in science fiction movies from decades and you probably must have watched movies in which it was used. Let’s say thanks to the technologists as Augmented Reality is here to say since Mobile technology is shifting towards it.

Jules White, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University, says the really compelling applications which are going to transform the user experience through augmented reality haven’t been developed yet. It’s going to take few more years for that, but the advertising you experience gives you the taste of this wonderful technology.

The best thing about Augmented Reality is that it can provide relevant information of any physical object around you. Suppose your car tire busted in the middle of the road, using Augmented Reality you can run diagnostic app through your phone which will guide you how to repair. With the right level of visual awareness, the app can check whether your tire pressure is low or your tire is worn out.

1- Google Glass

Augmented Reality apps have already caught us by surprise. But looks like Google is going to take it further with Google Glass. The GG technology enables you to view your social media feeds, Google Maps, navigate using GPS, and take photos. This device is not yet available to public and restricted only to some developers with a price tag of $1500.


2- Oculus Rift

The clunky headset gives you the ultimate virtual gaming experience. The gamer can run around, sit, crouch, and fly. Isn’t this fantastic? Oculus Rift is 3D headset which will let you actually feel that you are inside a video game. There are still products that can let you have that same user experience, but Oculus Rift is going to bring that experience to your home at an estimated price of $300.


3- Google Driverless Car

I guess I have seen driverless car somewhere else too. Yes, most probably in science fiction movies such as iRobot. This reality is made possible by search engine giant Google. According to sources, the Google Driverless car will use artificial intelligence which will utilize the data from video camera inside the car, some sensors and radar positioned at different points of car. The good news is the car has already driven 1600 Kilometers successfully.


4- Eye Tribe

Eye Tribe is an eye tracking system that can calculate where a person is looking by monitoring a person’s face and eyes. This technology will help you control your tablet screen, play games such as flight simulator, and even slice fruits in fruit ninja through your eye movements.


Eye tribe uses eye-tracking technology combined with front facing camera and some serious algorithm mojo to give you that super power. The company is still seeking partnership to bring the product into the consumer market. But as far as the idea and the product goes, this thing is going to rule for some time.

5- Form 1

3D printing is the process of making three dimensional solid objects of any size and shape. 3D printing is an additive process where successive layers of different materials are laid down in different shapes. It’s not a new idea for industrial engineering but personal 3D printer is no doubt a revolutionary idea.


Now, everybody can create their own 3D designs with no approval needed from giant manufacturers, Form 1 is one such 3D digital printer that can be yours at $2799. This product is surely going to take creativity and personal productivity to a new level.

6-Flexible OLED displays

This technology has been discussed for several years but still needs the major breakthrough for it to be launched in the mainstream. These display screens will be as thin as a plastic wrap but flexible. The display screen will be integrated into the walls and will be virtually invisible when turned off, can be folded and put into pocket. This technology is surely going to save a lot of space in my pocket which these smartphones are acquiring nowadays.




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