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Top 13 Twitter Influencers For UX Designers

Updated: May 13, 2020

For staying up to date on latest trends in the UX space, it is very important to follow the top UX influencers on twitter as they regularly tweet about interesting things in the UX space.

I have prepared a list of top 13 twitter influencers in UX space for you to follow and staying up to date on UX trends and golden tips from these influencers.

Scott Jenson: @Scottjenson


Scott Jenson is a UX strategist and designer. He has been doing strategic planning and user interface design for over 25 years. He is a battle-scarred veteran of the software industry.

Scott Jenson worked in different famous companies like Google, Apple, and Symbian and had important positions in those companies. He has been a part of 2 MAC OS releases, 4 commercial website revisions, designed 3 different mobile phone’s UI’s, did the Ux for Google mobile map, has 20 patents and survived 3 startups.

He writes articles about UX design and we suggest to read them. You can learn a lot from his articles because his articles are attractive and up to date. He updates constantly new problems from Google, Apple, technology, and design.

He also posts and retweets issues on his twitter page from other UX design experts. His Klout score is 58 and he has 10.9k twitter followers.

Luke Wroblewski: @lukew


Luke Wroblewski is recognized as a digital product leader and expert in the mobile design industry. He built software that is now used by more than million people worldwide.

Currently, he is a product director at Google. He is the author of three famous books (Mobile First, A Visual Approach to Web Usability and Web Form Design & Sightseeing).

Luke’s blog includes a huge collection of “how to” videos of User Experience, general UX articles and conference notes. You will find very interesting posts and updates about new technologies and designs. He usually has at least one conference note a month.

Luke’s Klout score is 71 and he has 159k followers on twitter.

Jan Jursa: @IATV


Jan Jursa is a mobile experience designer. He posts UX-related content on twitter, runs three conferences (German IA Summit, MobX Mobile UX Summit, MEDlove), hosts two podcasts (IATV Radio, Abends in der Kreativwirtschaft. He is also the Editor in Chief of a free ebook “UX Storytellers” which was written by 42 UX designers and authors from around the world.

5 things he knows very well: “where, when, what, why & how” of design that is the best for you. He also runs Design training.

Jan Jursa’s Klout score is 61 and 64.4k twitter followers.

Khoi Vinh: @khoi


Khoi Vinh is known as a design leader. He is a blogger, graphic designer and was design director of a well-reputed newspaper “The New York Times”.

Khoi Vinh’s company launched “Mixel” an app for iPad putting together the power of social networks and multi-touch tablets to let people make art from all walks of life. He is one of the America’s most 50 Influential Designer.

Khoi Vinh posts some activities, works, upcoming events, and technology news on his twitter account. He always updates news about IOS, Android & Apple.

His Klout score is 79 and he has 347k followers on twitter.

Adham Dannaway: @AdhamDannaway


Adham is a very interesting person. He is a UI/Ux designer and has a passion for designing functional and clean user experiences. He loves creating intuitive and beautiful interface designs from complex problems.

Aham also has a skill set in Front End Development with experience coding CSS, HTML, and jQuery. He is a talented and professional web designer.

You can find a lot of useful Design articles on Adham’s blog. He provides you with many pieces of advice, tips, and design tools. He also posts articles from expert UX designers.

His Klout score is 57 and he has 26.7k followers on twitter.

Taylor Ling: @tylorling


Taylor Ling is the youngest professional UX designer in the influencer’s list. He was a Google Developer Expert in UX Design in 2014-2015. He is a writer of

Taylor often shares news from Google, Android and iOS etc on his twitter. He also posts many helpful things about design. Sometimes you can see and also attend the events in which he is the speaker.

His Klout score is 41 and he has 4,954k followers on twitter.

Patrick Neeman: @usabilitycounts


Patrick Neeman is an award winning UX designer. He was a Product Manager and a Director of Product Design at Apptio in Seattle, WA. He is the most experienced UX professional and has worked for big and famous companies like Microsoft, MySpace, eBay and more.

He shares his ideas and insights on his twitter account regularly. About UX design he has a very strong opinion but he also enjoys making UX jokes.

His Klout score is 63 and he has 112k followers on twitter.

Laura Klein: @lauraklein


Laura Kein is a consultant and a Lean UX expert based in Silicon Valley. She is the author of UX and Lean startups. Her twitter feed is a great resource for resources, Lean UX advice, and retweets from other UX professionals.

She shares relevant and timely information and keeps you up with the latest trends. Must follow her because she refines your skills.

Her Klout score is 57 and she has 12.4k followers on twitter.

Jared M.Spool: @jmspool


Jared Spool in the founder of User Interface Design. It is a usability research, training and consulting firm that helps clients to develop intuitive and useful products and websites.

He is a real expert having 25 years of experience. His twitter feed is full of industry news and advice. He enjoys discussing current events. His twitter account is fun and engaging as he is a bit of jokester.

His Klout score is 66 and he has 70.8k followers on twitter.

Crystal Ehrlich: @cbehrlich


Crystal Ehrlich is a freelancer. She is an award winning UX designer with over 12 years of experience. She works for companies like AT&T, Pepsi, Verizon, Honda and more.

Crystal Ehrlich is the owner of “The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup Group”. Which is the largest meetup group for UX in U.S. She is also on several UX advisory boards. Her twitter account is loaded with valuable information including links to articles and podcasts.

Crystal live and breath UX Design. Her Klout score is 46 and she has 17.5K twitter followers.

Andy Budd: @andybudd


Andy Budd is a UX designer. He is a partner at UX design agency clearleft. He is also a UX event organizer, regular speaker and the creator of silverbackapp, a usability testing tool for MAC (low cost).

His twitter feed is filled with his opinions and ideas plus retweets of fellow designers. He is a passionate designer and his tweets are little snark. Which make things interesting.

His Klout score is 64 and he has 43.4k followers on twitter.

Catriona Cornett: @inspireUX


Catriona Cornett is a UX Designer and a director of product design at SalesforceIQ having experience of over 6 years. Her feed is informative, smart and useful. She posts her own UX blog articles, quotes and more.

Her bio states that “ she has a passion for making people’s live better through design”. Her Klout score is 51 and he has 11.5k followers on twitter.


osh Brewer: @jbrewer


Josh Brewer is founder and CEO of, principal designer at Twitter and director of UX at He i s also the co-creator of 52 Weeks of UX. which is an incredible resource for UX.

His shares thoughtful posts and he provide links to informative articles, shares tools, and invites discussion.

His Klout score is 49 and he has 25.6K followers on twitter.

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