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Top 21 Software Directories to Submit Your Work

Updated: Sep 9

The success of branding a Software and/or SaaS product depends highly on end-user reviews. Good reviews from satisfied clients help the software company build trust and stay ahead of the competition in the market.

Therefore, we have seen online platforms, also known as software directories, where people leave their honest reviews regarding the price, usability, and standard of any listed software, SaaS, and IT-enabled service.

Furthermore, these Software Directories also help software/application developers, IT start-ups, and even small and medium software development companies to showcase their products and earn credibility in the market. A Brief about some such Software Directories is listed below.

1. G2, previously known as G2 Crowd is, serving as one of the best software directories in the market. They have already earned a reputation in the market with more than a million reviews. G2 operates its business having its headquarters in the US, having more than 500 employees. G2 focuses mostly on B2B, Internet, SaaS, Research, and Services.


2. GetApp

GetApp is another ecosystem to get insights and information about Software and SaaS products. Here, users can get reviews and market trends through interactive tools. GetApp works mostly with industry-specific applications in the software market. This platform currently has more than 1.5 million reviews from almost 1.5 million active monthly users. GetApp has more than 14 thousand software profiles in its showcase.


3. Capterra

This is one of the largest software directories with more than 1.5 million validated reviews in 800 and more categories, including 50,000 and more products. Capterra helps its users to find and get honest reviews, compare options and find the right software for their business.


4. SoftwareAdvice

This software directory company is another excellent source for authentic reviews from real users. Software Advice helped more than 8 million companies with 1 million plus reviews on 600 different software categories. Here, the users can find and get effective software guides from a list of 390 guidelines to narrow the selection process for their required software.


5. PeerSpot

PeerSpot is an outstanding intelligent platform to bridge the gap between vendors and buyers. This software directory helps the users to get a complete and comprehensive picture of the type and rank of software they are looking for.


6. GoodFirms

GoodFirms comes with more than 40 thousand verified reviews for 110 thousand and more software and companies. Besides, they have more than 2 thousand research reports and survey results at their disposal. Users can find their preferred services and software from many collections.


7. FinanceOnline

End-users looking for B2B software and services may find FinanceOnline as one of the best software directories for their purposes. This online platform has a large audience, including 2.5 million monthly readers. On top of that, FinanceOnline has more than 11 thousand detailed reviews from the end-users.


8. CrozDesk

This software directory not only provides its audience with reviews but also with complete reports and analyses on SaaS products. CrozDesk has a rich collection of around 8,000 items from 258 different categories.


9. Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews is a Software Directory platform for authentic reviews about software and SaaS services. They have earned a good reputation by offering the best value proposition of the business to the audience. This platform helps the end-users to find and get the best software and services from a list of options in the market.


10. SoftwareSupp

This software directory platform provides authentic reports and analysis on SaaS products like marketing tools, CRM software, project management software, and so on. Audiences can hire certified on-demand freelancers from this platform to do the research and analysis as per their requirements. SoftwareSupp works as an effective hub among software vendors, end-users, and freelance service providers. This software directory focuses mostly on BI, PM, CRM, API, Web solutions, and so on.


11. SaasGenius

SaasGenius helps the user to ensure optimal business growth by comparing and finding the most appropriate SaaS solution. This software directory offers a wide range of reviews, and they continuously update the reviews to serve their audience with the most recent market trend. It is one of the best places to find the right software for small, medium, and even enterprise businesses.


12. StackShare

StackShare is another intelligent software directory platform that collaborates closely with the developer community and the end-users. It is the right place to find discover new tools and trends in IT-enabled services. StackShare Enterprise and StackShare Community are two services that help business to make a data-driven decision.


13. PCMag Business Reviews

PCMag is one of the most renowned and trustworthy sources to get unbiased reviews on software and SaaS products. They have comprehensive reviews on different and diversified software from more than 30 categories. Here, the audience will also get PCMag Lab-tested reviews regarding their required software and/or IT-enabled services.


14. The Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch is something more than a software directory. Besides of software ratings and reviews, it is a great platform for start-ups to place their pitch. Here, the audience will find verified reviews on Software and SaaS services, as well.


15. Software Suggest

Both individuals and companies, who are looking for the best recommendation for B2B software, may find Software Suggest as the most appropriate online platform. This software directory comes with a listing of around 18 thousand products over more than 425 categories. Besides complete and comprehensive comparisons of software items, the audience can also get dedicated live assistance to find the right product.


16. Business Software

This software directory guides the audience to find and get the ratings and reviews of 40 thousand and more business software from a list of 32 categories. Here, the audience may find a detailed report on software and SaaS services as well.


17. TrustPilot

Trustpilot is another popular software review platform with more than 17 million reviews per year. This platform has a listing of over 120 thousand businesses and the end users can get trustable reviews with their required features and resources.


18. SourceForge

SourceForge is another web-based software directory that focuses mostly on SaaS products and open-source software. This platform is well known for its unbiased review, and they have around 30 million page views per year with approximately 2.1 million registered users.


19. TechnologyAdvice

This is another excellent online platform to get authentic reviews and honest recommendations B2B software and SaaS solutions. TechnologyAdvice is a database-driven intelligent platform to bridge between the customer and vendor.


20. CabinetM

CabinetM is an excellent online platform where users compare the compatibility among the software and services for their IT infrastructure. Besides, the audience will find whitepapers and reports to get meaningful insight regarding the market trend of the software industry. This platform also provides detailed reports and user reviews based on real-world data, which is impactful.


21. FeaturedCustomer

This web-based software directory allows vendors to collect references and reviews from validated customers. Therefore, buyers can make an informed decision by verifying the features and usability of the software. Featured Business has validated customer references from over 1.2 million vendors from more than 695 vendor categories.



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