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Top 7 Hot Startups Using AWS Cloud

Updated: May 13, 2020

The share of AWS cloud in the cloud space is around 70%. Using cloud features in AWS is really beneficial for startups as they have really variable needs and AWS cloud provides a great way to have plug and play resources.

Why Startups Use AWS Cloud?

Now, startups are preferably using AWS Cloud because they found it most flexible and efficient way to work on it. Most prominent ways are

  1. Startups get special AWS perks: You can enjoy free training, 1-1 office hours solution architects availability.

  2. So many ways to lower costs: Plug and play resources only when required.

  3. Going mobile: AWS Cloud helps you in building your apps quickly and easily.

  4. Innovations for speed, agility, and growth: Startups can innovate and build their architecture by using up to 722 Amazon services in its broad and deep platform.

  5. Use tools and technologies you love: You can run and up your favorite development kit or software on your AWS cloud efficiently.

  6. Global comes standard: You can run across its massive global infrastructure, or can expand it to Amazon’s 25 availability zone.

Hot Startups using AWS Cloud



They adopted the AWS Cloud because they need to operate faster without the dependency of large operational developers/team to operate the whole infrastructure. They used 12 distinct AWS services to incorporate their requirements like Amazon S3 , Amazon CloudFront (for Image Hosting) and Autoscaling service to manage the increasing traffic and load on servers throughout the day.

Using AWS Cloud service, Depop is now managing the traffic on its own without the need of any expansion in its operational teams.



The idea of NextDoor was initially taken from Pew research study which stated that majority of American adults know only 29% or less of their neighborhoods. This idea was grabbed by the Nextdoor and facilitate neighbors in the hour of need by connecting in a network that is closed in your neighborhood.

They are providing helpful and useful Android and iOS app because of the foundational infrastructure of AWS in the Nextdoor’s tech stack. They are using around 25 AWS services, i.e., Amazon EC2 Elastic Load BalancingAmazon Cloudfront , Amazon S3 Amazon DynamoDB ,  Amazon Redshift , and Amazon Kinesis to quickly prototype, develop, and deploy new features for community members.

They found AWS cloud as feasible economically in an automated fashion. Now, they are expanded across 4 AWS regions worldwide.



Capillary Technologies is an IT company established in 2008. It uses the consumer’s segmentation that is centred around anywhere in a devised time. They facilitated many good names like Unilever, KFC. The companies expanded their business to create a cutting-edge customer engagement suite that ran on a multi-tenant cloud-powered platform driving excellence in traditional retail.

They are giving solutions to encompass CRM, loyalty, e-commerce, customer analytics and O2O (online to offline) commerce.

They have now expanded their businesses across 30 countries to connect 150 million business to over 2000 business owners and more than 250 million e-commerce implementations.

This all done with the implementation of AWS cloud. Now, capillary runs in 5 distinct AWS regions. To achieve high degree scalability, availability, and security, they devised their architecture based on microservices that run on the top of EC2 S3, Autoscaling, Amazon EMR and ElastiCache.



For example, let’s suppose you are searching a product on an e-commerce site on the web browser of your phone. You selected the product of your interest. When you want to checkout for your product, you are asked to download the app for it.

After downloading the app, you have to follow the same steps searching that specific product and then checkout from there. Branch provides you deep linking in an efficient way to save time and creating better user experience. It will save the duplicate steps and directs you to that particular state of your app.

Branch relies heavily on AWS cloud for its infrastructure. They are expanding from over past 2 years. They used open-source tools running on Amazon EC2 instances (Amazon API Gateway, Apache Kafka Apache ZookeeperKubernetes Redis , and  Aerospike ), and also use AWS services such as Elastic Load BalancingAmazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, and Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.

They achieved 99.999% success rate on links with a latency of only 60 ms in the 99th percentile, using AWS Cloud.



To build the highly scalable and reliable system, they chose AWS. Their major concern is relevant with bank accounts; that is why they are more focussed on the account confidentiality and integrity. They used Amazon CloudHSM to ensure the security of payment messages by using cryptography. To manage the scope of improved functionality, they use VPCs (Virtual Private Cloud) and Network ACLs.



Robinhood is the online trading platform that lets you manage the stocks for free( with zero commission). It was the university project of graduates from Stanford. They researched that the financial institutions were charging $10 for business, with no worth. They wanted to present a cost viable solution with zero commission and moved their idea to develop their app.

For the success of pre-launch publicity, they started with a list of almost a million people. They had to scale their setup from the very beginning. They use 18 distinct AWS services. To regulate access to services and data, they use AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management).

Their main concern was with accounts and transactions, so they concentrated their overall attention towards the security measures regarding money laundering and fraud attempts. For this, RobinHood data science team uses Amazon RedShift.

Further, they are planning to expand their infrastructure to multiple zones of AWS.



Later, the user can dub the video with few chunks of popular videos, edit them and share it on social media. The result of its first launch was blazing. It reached up to the top spot in German App Store, within a week.

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The videos samples that are stored in the database and overall database needed a flexible storage capacity that can work smoothly. They use Amazon S3 for video storage and Amazon CloudFront for serving content.

Using AWS Cloud,  they easily handle requests from millions of users.

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