Top Benefits and Services of Amazon Mobile SDK

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September 29, 2022


Mah Noor



Amazon Mobile SDK helps in taking the complexity out of coding by providing AWS services in the form of Java APIs like Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Dynamodb. The SDK includes documentation, code samples, and the AWS Java library and provides all the services that amazon has.

In this article, firstly I will review some of the services that Amazon Mobile SDK offers and then the top benefits of using it.


Services of Amazon Mobile SDK

Let's review some of the services.

Amazon Cognito 

Amazon Cognito is an Amazon service that enables you to make unique identities and then authenticate them with these identities. You can then synchronize data with Amazon Cognito Sync.

It enables cross-device syncing of application-related user data. The best part is that you don’t need any backend, and it also caches the data so that users can access the data regardless of connectivity.

AWS Identity and Access Management 

Amazon Mobile Analytics lets you measure app usage and revenue. It tracks key trends such as new VS returning users, user retention, app revenue, and also custom in-app events. You can also export this data for custom analysis.

AWS Lambda 

It is a service where you can upload your code to AWS Lambda, and the service runs code on your behalf. AWS Lambda itself administers all the resources including server and operating system maintenance, code monitoring, capacity provisioning, automatic scaling, and logging. All you need to do is supply your code in one of the languages that AWS Lambda supports (currently they have Node.js, Java, and Python).

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) 

S3 provides you with highly scalable, secure, and durable cloud storage. Amazon S3 is easy-to-use object storage, with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. The best part is that you pay only for the storage you use. There is no minimum fee and no setup cost. 

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) 

SNS is a web service that coordinates and manages the delivery or sending of messages to clients. In Amazon SNS, there are two types of clients i.e. publishers and subscribers. Some Publishers communicate asynchronously with subscribers by producing and sending a message to a topic. Subscribers can be web servers, email addresses, and AWS Lambda functions and they receive messages or notifications from the subscriber.


Top 5 Benefits of using Amazon Mobile SDK

So to sum this up, these are the five top benefits of using amazon services.


You pay only for the computing power, storage, and other resources you use, with no long-term contracts or up-front commitments. They give a free basic plan for many services so you can use them, and when your business starts growing, e.g., no of users increases, computations increase only then you pay for their services.


AWS lets you select the programming language, database, operating system, web application platform, and other services you need. Overall you receive a virtual environment that allows you to load the software and services your application requires.


With AWS, you take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, the virtual backbone of’s multi-billion dollar online business that has been honed for over a decade. And still, its reputation is really good.

Scalability and High Performance

Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, your application can scale up or down based on demand. Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, you have access to computing and storage resources when you need them. Moreover, your costs increase as you scale up and decrease as it scales down.


AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure and harden its infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures.

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