• Barkan Saeed

What is Product Market Fit?

Updated: Nov 2

“Product Market Fit” is a point in your product journey in a lean startup where your product starts to grow automatically. It can happen for a number of reasons as defined by Marc Andreessen

  1. Your usage is growing as fast as you can add servers.

  2. The customer is paying exponentially more than the cost of acquiring the customer.

  3. There is a strong market demand for your product

When you are launching your app or your startup’s first public version. Your aim is not to have the Product Market Fit. You would definitely be very lucky if it happens. However, the idea of minimum viable product is that you launch with enough features that you can start to validate the product

Famous Startups like Slack, Airbnb, Uber kept working on their product market fit till they reached a point where explosive growth happened for them.

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