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What is Structured Data and Why is it Important for your Website

Updated: May 12, 2020

Data is the new big thing for Google this year. Structured Data is the most important part of your website content. In start of this year, Google announced that they are considering data more seriously. Google cracks the time to time update on its search algorithm.

Google did not clearly share its search algorithm with anyone. There are the records (interviews) that google webmaster team told about the new things happening in coming year.

Let’s discuss what is structured data and why you should consider it for your website.

Structured Data

Structured data is actually the data that is well-organized and developed by considering the defined schema for set of structure. It provides you a set of pattern or structure to organize your content as expected by search engines.

That set of patterns are properties that are given by There is the distinct schema for every type of content that you gonna structure. The content may be your simple text, an article, a video, a post , a page , a product or any type of content that is the part of your website.

Like, for example, if you want to develop a structure for your product then go to the> product directory. Here you get the structure for that specific type of content i.e., for your product in this case.

You have to add the concerned structure on that particular content type. There are different properties available that you have to add in your structure(HTML tags).

Google Structured Data

There are three different languages that understand by computer program, here we are considering Google.These three languages/ways are

  1. Microdata: From W3C, it’s a way to structure the elements by giving the more details to element itself.

  2. Microformats: To add semantics to your markup tags of HTML/XHTML via attributes that provides you additional metadata.

  3. RDFa: That adds the set of attribute-level extension to your structure (HTM/XHTML/ any other XML based documents).

As far as Google is concerned, it highly appreciates and understands the pattern or set of properties that are given by is the most adopted structured data schema that is contributed by the major players (Search Engine). Moreover, the future of structured data will be on

Why Structured Data is Important for your Websites

Structure Data is very important for your websites because this is what, Google ranks and can make the rich snippet of content display on search result or ads by Google( where it needs).

Like, for example, the title, and description property added to your webpage structure will be displayed on the search result.

John Mueller (WebMaster trends Analyst at Google Switzerland) said that if you have some heading along with the description then, Google will also emphasis as you do.

Other benefits of using Structured data into your websites are:

Content Understanding

Now, it is useful to understand the content for Google.

Highlighting your Data

The more the structured data you used, the more the Google will highlight in its search result and rank it.

Chances of Better CTR

As, your content is highly organized and structured, that’s why it is better to understand the core description of any link that is asked by users on search engine.

Useful for Programmer/Developer

You can easily understand the code, if  your data is structured. Now, any other developer can understand the code, because it’s well structured and organized.

Customization of your PPC Searched ads

It really gonna help you in customizing PPC search ads.

Automating the ads

The keywords you used in your structured data will help you in automating the creation of totally relevant and customizable ads on your website.

Like, if you added the keywords in your structured data, then you can add into your ad settings. So, it will display the relevant ads according to your keywords.

It will equally beneficial for you and the other party with link that is associated with that ad. At the end,  what Google will rate is your keywords, not the search queries.


ou have to check for the error on Live Google Structured Data Testing Tool and you will find the real error and warning in your code.

What’s New for Structured Data in 2017

Gary Illyes told in the relevant discussion about ranking and search quality in an interview. In 2017, they are more concerned about the Machine learning. The other things they pointed is AMP Pages and then structured data.

What’s about AMP

AMP are Accelerated Mobile Pages that are going to rock the next year. It is the way you can automate and accelerate the pages on your mobile devices. It will rank as well as boost your site performance.

To enable it on your website, login to your Google webmaster console and enable it on AMP tab. This is done by adding the files in your code. The given link will let you know about how to use it in HTML, JavaScript or AMP CDN.

There is a news about the AMP that your AMP Pages will no longer need Structured data to be valid in  Google Search console. It will no longer block or break the rule to make your webpage higher on search rank, if its structured data is unorganized. Regardless you used AMP in your code.


Considering the real facts and figure, the importance of Structured data can’t lose its place. Gary Illyes( Webmaster trends Analyst at Google) pointed that regardless of all the other emerging things, structured data is as important as it was earlier.

The core algorithm is now taken over by machine learning. Structured data has its same place in leads. On emphasizing, he said that of course AMP is also obvious (as more and more websites and moving towards it).

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