How to Build an App From Scratch?

Want to know how to build an app from scratch? Vizteck is giving you a step-by-step detailed guide for it.


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September 26, 2022





Looking to build an app from scratch but have no idea how to do it? Don’t fret, because it's not your fault. App development is not easy. But with the right guide, you can do it in no time. As your forever partner, Vizteck has brought you a complete step-to-step guide

The guide not only includes the step-to-step process of building an app from scratch but alongside that, includes numerous other guides regarding android app development and IOS app development. But before we move on to that, there are a few stats that you must take into consideration. So, have a look.


Total Number of Apps On Google Play And App Store

According to Statista, there are over 4 Million Apps available on App Store And Google Play right at this very moment. Therefore, as time goes on, the competition in the market is increasing.

Due to this, you must hire a professional and well-established App/Web Development Firm or developer.

But let us not forget that you are here to learn about “how to develop an app from scratch”, so let us get into that first.


How To Build An App From Scratch?

To build an app from scratch, there is a step-to-step process that you or your developer needs to follow. Make sure to read all the steps so that you don’t miss any.

Get Your Initial Idea

If you already have an idea for your app, then well and good. If not, then you need to think of one ASAP. Each day you stay without an app, you are missing good revenue. According to other statistics, by 2023, there will be a whopping rise to $935 Billion.

Therefore, think of an idea as soon as possible, and once you have thought of it, just write it down somewhere and tell your developer about it.

Now that you have your idea for an app, building your plan can be set in motion

Now Choose The Language And Platform

No one can understand your business better than you. Similarly, no one can make a better decision than you can. Although you can take advice from a professional developer or one who understands the work better than you, the final call is yours.

So choose wisely when it comes to the Language and Platform for your business. Decide whether you want to use Android or IOS for your business. For Apple devices, you can go for Swift while for Android devices, Java would be the most suitable one.

What Do Your Customers Want?

Whether it's app development or web development, the most important thing is to know your customers. Develop a proper buyer or customer persona and learn what they want. This way, you know what you can target with ease and you can create the perfect app for your customers.

Do A Competitive Analysis

Never start the process before knowing your customers. It is improbable you will succeed even if you do not know your competitors. So, let me ask you two questions:

  • Is your Idea Unique?
  • Are There Other Similar Apps?

In case the idea is unique, just go and do competitive research. Check the pain points of your user and find out how you can correct them. In case there is an existing app similar to your idea, do a proper analysis and find out its mistakes and loopholes, make sure that you do not repeat those mistakes and everything will get good results.

Keep A Clear Business Goal!

Keeping your business goal clear is the essential step. This way you can make sure that you have a clear road ahead. So choose what you want from your business. Whether it's sales or you want to just provide info.

Scrutinize a few questions before you start investing your time and money into the business.

  • What do you want to achieve from your app?
  • Want to monetize your app, if yes, How?
  • Want to increase workforce efficiency?

Keep such questions in your mind when you are making your business goal clear.

Now, Let's Get A Wireframe

Now comes the real stuff. Go get a wireframe for your app. Don’t know what a wireframe is? No need to fret! We will tell you all about it. A wireframe is a visual guide used as the skeletal framework of the app.

It's quite helpful because it aids in testing your app's functionality before you design and develops it. For more clarity, it's simply a rough sketch of the idea with a dummy text. It shows how the app will look and work once it is done.

Start Mapping Your User Journey

In our opinion, this is the most important part of your app development journey. Mapping your user journey will provide you with clarity unlike any other. With the help of your user journey mapping, you can understand what the user will do when opening your app.

It's just like a buyer's persona, where we map out the different possibilities of why the reader/user searches for a specific keyword on a search engine. Similarly, think of different possibilities of what journeys the user might opt for when he/she opens your app.

Let’s Test The App

Once you are done mapping out different user journeys, start looking for an app prototype. You can take it this way as well, imagine you have written a rough journal or article for any school or college project. Before writing the neat graph, you would properly proofread the content to understand what things you have done wrong, and what you have missed. Just like that, here you go for an app prototype. An app prototype is a functional and capable UI/UX that aids you in testing your user journey before developing the app. Include these in the journey to make things easier.

  • Agile Testing
  • Waterfall Testing
  • A/B Testing

Hire An App Developer/Firm

Hiring an app developer is extremely important. After finalizing the platform you want your app to be, it's high time that you look for an app developer or an app development firm. What we recommend to you is to hire Vizteck Solutions to get the best results.

Here at Vizteck Solutions, providing quality is our goal. The best thing about hiring an app development firm such as Vizteck for mobile app development is that you won’t have to do anything by yourself. The app development company will handle everything.

Besides, when it comes to the fee of an app development company, you will get more affordable rates when compared to a freelancer or an individual developer. So, contact us now and start your app development journey today.

Release Your App

Now that we have handled everything, from choosing the language and platform to mapping your user journey to hiring Vizteck Solutions! What’s left now is to release your app. To do that, simply create an account on the app store you chose. Although the most popular ones are the Google Play store (For Android) and Apple App Store (For IOS), you have other good options too.

Just set up your account on the AppStore, make the required payment, and launch the app, simply. Also, make sure that you go for ASO (App store optimization). This optimization process includes keywords, descriptions, and titles in your app store listings.


End Of One Journey, Beginning Of Another!

Although it might seem like the end of our app development process, that's not it. For different app development journeys, the development processes are also different. Therefore, below are a few app development journeys alongside their brief guides.


How To Build An Android App From Scratch?

Building an android app from scratch is no different than building a normal app from scratch. But when we talked about building an app from scratch we discussed which platform we would opt for. Remember, for android, we chose Google Play Store. So, things have already been made easy for us. Now, we do not need to choose the platform.

But there are numerous other things you need to keep in consideration when developing an android app. These include coding as well as hybrid development.

But this is a story for another time. We will talk about these journeys and processes in another blog which will be solely designated for android app development.

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How To Build An IOS App From Scratch?

So, how to build an iPhone app from scratch? Well, when it comes to building an IOS app, things are quite different from building an android app. Firstly, the language and platform are changed. Here, it is highly important to learn Swift. Besides, the platform is different too. For IOS app development, you require an Apple App Store account.

For building an IOS app, you need proper tools. The best tool that you can go for is X-Code. X-Code can be easily downloaded into your machine through the Apple App store.

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How To Build A Social Network App From Scratch?

Ah, Social Media! One of the hottest topics in the modern world. For some reason, Social media has played a great role in modernizing the world. Even if you are sitting in another corner of the world, let's say Australia or New Zealand, you can still talk to your loved ones who are maybe in the US or Canada without any disruption. How is that? Thanks to Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Similarly, you can learn about the hot topics gaining popularity in the world through social media platforms like Twitter. Therefore, creating a social media app is among the biggest and most important necessities of our day and age. All you need to do is to connect with different platforms as well at the same time, hire a professional Social media app development agency, and create the app. Simple.


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What Is The Perfect Mobile App Marketing Plan?

No matter what initiative you take or what method you opt for, if you do not have a proper marketing plan, you cannot get the desired result. Therefore, you need to follow numerous marketing strategies to make your app a success in the market.

The strategies would of course depend on whether your targeted audience is local or international. But instead of going into that depth, here are a few app marketing strategies that would surely work.

  1. Perform a proper competitor analysis
  2. Add proper video content
  3. Reach your target audience through numerous Social Media Platforms
  4. Measure the app KPIs

You cannot create a perfect mobile app marketing strategy if you do not follow examples. Therefore, here is an example that you can consider.


Food Delivery Marketing Plan

Food delivery has become a real trend these days. Especially after Covid-19, when much of the world was in lockdown, people usually depended on food deliveries, either from the restaurants themselves or third-party apps like Uber Eats or GrubHub.

But what is the perfect food Delivery Marketing plan that apps such as UberEats or GrubHub use? Thus, here are a few points that can answer this question.

  1. Do a proper analysis of the cost of delivering the food as well as analyze the profits you will get.
  2. Decide the best food delivery service model for your business.
  3. Brand your restaurants to develop food delivery service.


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Why Do You Need A Website Alongside The App?

To make sure your app is the ultimate success, we would suggest you develop a website alongside your app. By going for web development, you can achieve several benefits. For example,

  1. Through website development, you can promote your app in the easiest as well as most affordable way. You can engage with users and tell them about the app’s basic information.
  2. Secondly, you can get feedback from the users as well. Attach a feedback form and request the users to fill it out accordingly. This is one of the perfect ways to make your app better.

How To Make Sure Your Website Is Successful?

Well, to do that, there are two possible and well-known ways. One is to do PPC (Pay Per Click) and the other is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). PPC is a paid method while SEO falls under the organic banner.

The majority of digital marketers try to go for SEO instead of PPC. That's because although SEO is a long-term process, the result is way better than PPC. But both these processes are tough to explain in such a short time. Therefore, we will explain them to you soon in another blog.


Final Words

To build an app from scratch, you need to follow certain rules and guidelines. Thus, to make sure that you get the best results, Vizteck has brought you a complete guide. So, take help from our guide and create the perfect app or contact us today and learn everything you need to know. For your help, below are our contact details.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Much Would It Cost To Build An App?

We have been in the web and app development business for over 15 years now. But these two are the most frequently asked questions we have seen to date. “What is the cost of an app? And “how to build a mobile app from scratch?”.

Well, having answered the latter, let us look at the cost of an app. That depends on your app. It can cost from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In short, to provide you with numbers, an app for your mobile can be from $10,000 to $500,000.


Can I Build An App For Free?

Although it may not sound like that, building an app for your android and iPhone is way easier when it comes to being free. There are several app maker software that can help by building apps in a few minutes. To do that, you do not need any coding as well. All you need is to pick up a template, change what you want to change, and add your preferable images, videos, text, and more to get the app.

Why Do The Majority Of Apps Fail?

The major reason for an app’s failure is its poor user experience. To make sure your app is successful, you need several components involved in building the app. If you do not set these components right, you might not get the result.


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