How to Make an IOS App from Scratch?

Want to make an IOS App from scratch but are confused? Vizteck is giving you a step-by-step detailed guide for it.


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September 28, 2022





Apple app store is the world’s second-largest app store with over 2.2 million apps. Building an iOS app for your business needs will make you reach an exclusive market of almost one billion iPhone users.

Apple has rigorous security checks when it comes to getting an iOS app approved by the Apple app store. So, to get past this scrutiny safely, it is required to have an iOS expert by your side. The security checks of Apple are the sole reason why their customers blindly trust Apple for their safety.

So, if you want to build an iOS app from scratch, this step-by-step guide by Vizteck Solutions will help understand the basics of building one.


Step 1: Get A Mac

The foremost requirement to build an iOS app is for you to have a Mac. There are no legal or technical alternatives to it because the app you are designing is for iOS which is only compatible with Apple devices even at the development stage.


Step 2: Download XCode

This step to building an app from scratch is downloading the iOS-compatible app-building tool XCode. This tool can be simply downloaded for free from the Mac App store. Once it is downloaded, open it and go to File, then New, and then Project. Once you have selected the project select Single View Application and click Next. give your project a suitable name and choose whether you are making this app for iPhone or iPad. You can even keep the app universal by making it compatible with both. Once done with this, click Next, go to Save the file, and start coding.


Step 3: Learn Swift Coding

For coding in XCode, it is required you learn Swift coding. In the ViewController.m file, coding is directly done there. Once you are done knowing how to do coding using XCode tools in Swift coding, you are all set to build any iOS app from scratch for free. The apps you will be developing using this platform and coding language will be compatible with iPhones, iPad, iWatch, and Apple TVs, if made for universal use.


Step 4: Take Help From Online Resources

several resources are available online to help you in your app development journey. However, the task here is to find those resources. Vizteck is providing a few development tools and resources to help you make an iOS app from scratch for free.

GitHub- GitHub is one of the most popular social networking sites for developers and programmers. It is a platform where developers share their codes and answer questions/queries of other developers.

Bitbucket- This platform is a source code repository and is almost similar to GitHub. This is where you can have unlimited access to private repositories available on BitBucket.

Stack Overflow- this is a platform where you can interact with several professionals and experts from the field of programming and development.


Step 5: Involve An Expert

Like for Android app development, developing an iOS app for beginners is difficult with various obstacles. To get over all the obstacles easily, it is important to have a mentor or an expert in that field. Having an expert by your side will not only lift your morale but will also provide you with tricks and tips related to the field which will help create an iOS from nothing.

When you are developing an iOS app, it is expected to create an app that provides a seamless experience to its users, considering the strict procedures of the Apple App store. Also, to ensure that your app is bug and error-free, you are required to have a different point of view which you can get from your mentor or the expert.

There are different options for you to find an expert or a mentor. One of the options is to approach someone via LinkedIn or else you can find someone from your family, friends, or professional circle who have experience in the field of coding and app development. Another option is to go to a coding Bootcamp. It is a platform where you can approach various mentors through coding Bootcamp courses, who stay in touch with you even after the course ends.

Enrol in coding Bootcamp- a 13-week coding Bootcamp that enables you to find connections within iOS app building and iOS app network, who will teach you things you need to learn. Not only this, coding Bootcamp will help you develop a certified career in building iOS apps.


Step 6: Test The App

For internal testing of your app, you can use Apple’s TestFlight. This software lets you add a few of your team members, get the app installed and use it to review it. Once they have used it, they review the app and share their experience with you which enables you to know about what issues are there in the app.

This step is helpful for you in determining how your app will help once it gets launched.


Step 7: Deployment

Once done with building, testing, and reviewing your iOS app, now is the time for you to deploy it to the Apple App store. At this stage, you should join the Apple Developers Program which allows you to have access to various tools and software like beta software, app analytics, advanced app capabilities, and extensive beta testing tools.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which Programming Language Is Used For Making An IOS app?

The official language for making an iOS app is Swift which was launched by Apple in 2014. However, there was an older version too, known as the predecessor i.e. Objective-C which was launched in the 1980s.

What Is The Average Salary Of An IOS App Developer?

The average salary of an iOS developer varies from country to country ranging from.

Where Can I Learn IOS App Development?

If you want to learn iOS app development, there are several courses and resources available online. However, if you want to pursue your career becoming an iOS developer, we don’t recommend you try learning it yourself. For professional learning, you can visit Treehouse and Codecademy.

What Is The Cost Of Building An IOS App?

The cost of building an iOS app depends on who is developing your app. If you have enough knowledge about it and you can do it yourself, then it is going to be very cost-effective. However, the cost varies on the type of app too, if you are building a simple app or a robust app.

Which Company Can Provide Services In Building An IOS app?

Vizteck is a mobile app development company that can provide you with its services for building an iOS app from scratch through its competitive team.

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